Travel art studio tote from Michaels craft store. #Michaels #crafts #art


I was super excited to find this rectangular shaped, soft art tote in Michaels Craft Store the other day. It is full of dividers and pockets and zippers… and well, it made perfect sense considering how many times I need to tote various little art tools and sketchbooks with me. Sometimes I’m just traveling from the art studio desk to the love seat in the living room, but it’s all about efficiency! LOL

An added bonus is that with the Michaels 40% coupon, it cost me only $12.00. Yeah, right? I know what all you art supply junkies are saying!!! Slam dunk decision in the crafting storage aisle! I haven’t even filled it to capacity yet, but I’m looking forward to my first test run when I have another art day at my sister’s house. On the move with my stash of goodies. FUN TIMES!!! Β πŸ˜‰












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